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Flame Leviathan Down!!!
Apr 18, 09 10:01 PM
Catalyst Website
Mar 16, 09 12:23 AM
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Welcome to Catalyst

Catalyst is a Alliance raiding guild on the Quel'dorei server striving to build a legacy of end game goals met, friends made, and good times had. We are a group of gamers from all walks of life, come together because we all have at least two things in common - we like to have fun and we like to raid (heck, sometimes we even do both at the same time!)

So why choose to join the Catalyst Guild? Because we are the kind of guild you want to do more than just log in to raid with. We have fun in the game and with each other. No matter what time of the day or night you log in, there are going to be other people there. Our raids are crazy. We laugh, we cry, we make sick jokes. But we also know when to put on our game faces and take care of business. And make no mistake. Catalyst knows how to get things done.

Seriously though, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, we are here to have fun! (and down bosses on occasion as well)

Welcome to Catalyst!

If you are interested in joining Catalyst please click HERE for an application.  Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you get a message when signing up stating that the username is not available, please try a different variation of it until it accepts it.  The username is not unique to this one site but is global for the entire community.  Thank you!

Other Guild News

Flame Leviathan Down!!!

XenoAdmin, Apr 18, 09 10:01 PM.

Catalyst Website

XenoAdmin, Mar 16, 09 12:23 AM.
Welcome to the Catalyst Guild Website.  If you are already a member of Catalyst but have not yet registered to this site, please take a moment and click on the [New User] link at the top of the page.  This will give you access to many parts of the site that are restricted to non guild members.  When registering, please use your main in-game Characters name or the WoW name that is most associated with who you are.  Thank you!
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